Our story is one over 10 years in the making.

The 2 of us met in Cape Town CBD, 31 stories up, having spent quite some time abroad. Needless to say it was love at first site – a great love for the city we now called home, for its unique dynamism & creativity, for our gratifying work in being part of its growth & expressionism, and of-course for each other.

10 years later and we are still madly in love, potentially certifiable and absolutely determined to show the world just what is possible at the bottom of the African Continent. And so Kikoi Cape Town was borne.

On our extensive travels the 2 of us, individually and now together, have been avid collectors of sarongs & Kikois from every place we have ever visited. This simple piece of fabric tells an authentic local design story and is an absolutely unique expression of each place’s history and culture. The idea of locking this unique style memory into an indelible textile time capsule really appealed to us both and you could say unlocked our own personal vision of Cape Town expressionism. Hence the name KIKOI, a Simple, beautiful, unique and distinctly local showcase of the places we have seen and loved.

Inspired by design elements and innovations from around the world, the 2 of us made a conscious decision to take the time and patience required to produce and manufacture these expressions locally – the idea of a Proudly South African design item, made with love in  Cape Town, really got us going!

This journey has had numerous challenges and we have been told many times that we are not only mad but delusional. Go to China they said, faster and cheaper they said! Whilst they may have been right in certain aspects, we believe the results speak for themselves. We are honoured to be collaborating with design geniuses, gifted artisans & craftsman & working closely with a small and close-knit family of CMT’s all committed to quality, beauty and originality.

Our hope is that a beautiful & original limited addition item, handmade and handcrafted locally making use of a few carefully selected & mostly natural materials, will add to the authenticity and uniqueness of Kikoi’s Capetonian expressions. This sense of custom local design and manufacture has inspired much patience and tolerance as well as a burning desire to see many more a Proudly South African label. We believe the workmanship to be rather magnificent in its individuality, weaving the nature of our city into each and every product.

So, yes, Perhaps we could’ve made it quicker in China, we could certainly have made it cheaper, but we doubt we could’ve made it better and we certainly could not have made it with this much love, as a team, proudly waving our spirit of Ubuntu – local really is lekker!

We hope you agree ;-)